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You sometimes have to ask yourself if this is really true, I mean isn't this what we see in science fiction movies?

To see more about this amazing but scary infection please click on the button below, but be warned some of the things you will see may change your life, but we hope at the same time that maybe one day this information may save it .
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What dangerous diseases can be contracted from mosquitoes?

  As a traveller myself for the past 25 years I have travelled all over our Planet, and in that time I have lived, visited and come into contact with the type of mosquitoes that carry some pretty nasty diseases, one time a few years ago after being bitten pretty badly in India, I ended up in a Singapore Medical centre being tested for Dengue Fever and Malaria!.  
  We all get complacent from time to time, and it is sometimes hard to believe that in the beautiful places that we often visit, there lurks dangers that we don't even understand, ones that can turn a much needed vacation into something of a nightmare!  
  The Best solution to any of the diseases carried by mosquitoes is prevention, and as you look through this website you will find several possible ways to avoid being bitten, and also some possible solutions if you are, however in any event if you do get taken sick on your travels it is very important for you to consult your doctor immediately.
So what is Malaria and How does it kill us from within?


  The most amazing product we found to date is Silver Sol, so amazed were we that we have tried our best to give you as much information as possible about this product, since potentially it could save many millions of lives in the future, I only wish I had discovered it in my earlier days of travel.  


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